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14MAR2012 Women Boost Obama, Pan Republicans

A majority of voters (53%) say the long, difficult Republican primary contest will . . . [ more ]

13JAN2012 Obama's Job Approval Split; Advantage still Menendez

Some voters are now more optimistic about . . . [ more ]

07DEC2011 Gingrich is New Fave, Voters Approve of Iraq Withdrawal, President Beats All Comers

In head to head trials, Obama bests . . . [ more ]

29SEP2011 Blue State Pans President

Seven in ten say country is on “wrong track.” [ more ]

10JUN2011 Jersey Guy Trails the President: But Then, So Does Everyone Else

Meanwhile, Christie's approval back home in New Jersey took a turn for . . . [ more ]

26MAY2011 Obama Bump

Among Republicans, Obama's approval rating . . . [ more ]

07APR2011 Obama Campaign Ahead, for the Moment, in New Jersey

However, his current approval rating is down from a much stronger . . . [ more ]

31MAR2011 Jersey Guy Runs Better Nationally than Other Big Republicans

Only two Republicans outperform Christie in match-ups with Obama. The president runs even with . . . [ more ]

17JAN2011 Obama and Menendez Ahead in New Jersey

The president is ahead on his ratings even though . . . [ more ]

14OCT2010 Obama Approval and Democrats are Down

Asked which party they prefer to control the U.S. Congress after the upcoming elections, voters choose . . . [ more ]

27MAY2010 President's Approval Slides in NJ

. . . voters' assessment of the direction in which the country is moving is now identical to their view just before . . . [ more ]

06MAR2009 Obama or Rush? Rush or Obama?

But New Jerseyans are skeptical that their own state lawmakers will . . . [ more ]

15JAN2009 New Day Dawning: Strong Approval for President-Elect

The 43rd president's popularity was strongly associated with the public's perception of . . . [ more ]

31OCT2008 Obama Expands Lead in New Jersey

McCain runs even with Obama among . . . [ more ]

27FEB2008 No Electability Advantage for Obama in New Jersey

Even among women, a group that would be expected to support Clinton more strongly than Obama, . . . [ more ]

23JAN2008 Hillary Clinton: The most likely and unlikely choice among New Jersey voters but youth and women among her biggest supporters

The survey also suggests that the support Obama garnered in other states from youth is . . . [ more ]